ICIS 2009, 24-26 Nov., Seoul, Korea
The 2nd International Conference on Interaction Sciences:
Information Technology, Culture and Human.

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ISBN for the ACM proceeding of ICIS2009: 978-1-60558-710-3
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    1) Distinguished selected papers will be invited in the special issues of the following international
         journals indexed by SCI(E).
         The authors of the selected papers must follow any additional comments/suggestions
         so that it meets the journals requirement.
        -  IETE Journal of Research
        -  International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making
        -  IETE Technical Review
        -  FGCS: Future Generation Computer Systems (Elsevier)

    2) Journal of Supercomputing (SCI Indexed Journal)
         SPECIAL ISSUE ON High Performance Networked Computing in Media, Services and
         Information Management
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2nd ICIS: 2009 International Conference on Interaction Sciences: Information Technology, Culture and Human.

Important Dates and Paper Types

ICIS 2009 : 24-26 November, 2009 - Seoul, Korea.

1) ACM Proceeding (will be incuded to ICIS2009 Proceedings)

Deadline for paper submission: August 31, 2009. -> September 15, 2009. (Extended)
Review period by reviewers: August 1 - September 30, 2009.
Acceptance notification: September 20 - Sep. 31, 2009.
Deadline for Registration and final camera ready paper to the system: Oct. 15, 2009.(Extended)

2) CPS of IEEE proceeding (will be included to ICCIT2009 Proceedings)

Deadline for paper submission: July 15, 2009.-> August 4, 2009.(Final Extension)
Review period by reviewers: July 5 - August 10, 2009.
Acceptance notification: August 5-15, 2009.
Deadline for Registration and final camera ready paper to IEEE CPS system: -> September 12 (Extended)

ICIS, International Conference on Interaction Sciences: Information Technology, Culture and Human will be held in 2009, Seoul, Korea. Selected papers will be included as revised monographs in the international journals.

ICIS - Introduction/Vision/Mission

1. Introduction to ICIS conference

ICIS stands for International Conference on Interaction Sciences: Information Technology, Culture and Human. Itis the world's premier venue for Theory, Development, Applications, Experiences, and Evaluation of Interaction Sciences. It enables the international scientific elite, both experienced scientists and promising young researchers and practicians alike to gather together to discuss their views and research findings. ICIS promotes fundamental and applied research, continuing and advanced academic education, and the transfer of knowledge between those involved in the research side and application side of Interaction Sciences.
The conference brings together internationally renowned leading scientists for the purpose of exploring a cutting-edge Interaction Sciences topic. The friendly and open climate at the conference promotes a culture of communication and exchange among the participants.

Scope of ICIS 2009: Research issues and Technical/ Industrial Application results on Interaction Sciences (For more details: see "Scope" menu, Scope)

Topic1: Culture, Human and Information Technologies
Topic2: Advances in Information Technology
Topic3: Convergent Approaches: Future, Sciences and Environment
Topic4: Industrial, Service, Management Issues and Applications

ICIS2009 will be held in Seoul, Korea. Selected papers will be included as revised monographs in the international journals.

2. Objectives and Vision    

The objective of ICIS is to provide a forum for ideas in Interaction Sciences, including advances in information technology, industrial, service, management issues etc.

ICIS has brought together software engineers, developers, performance analysts and software/performance modelers who are addressing the challenges of increasing system complexity, rapidly evolving information technologies, short time to market, incomplete documentation, and less-than-adequate methods, models and tools for developing, modeling, and measuring scalable, high-performance applications in Interaction Sciences. The focus of ICIS is therefore in the Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research rather than one discipline in isolation.              

It is generally acknowledged that the advancement of technologies has improved the quality of life of people all over the world. These technologies enable pervasive access for everyone with ubiquitous devices to ensure a connected global world. However, current technological solutions, no matter how advanced, by themselves are not enough without taking into account the human beings that use them.

The organizers of ICIS believe that Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research is the most important aspect of success and it will potentially result in even more exciting developments.
Interaction Sciences is one of the primary prospects for novel and future oriented research. We are genuinely aimed at supporting further research and progress of technologies in Interaction Sciences.
ICIS 2009, welcomes broad genuine ideas aimed at the development of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research in Interaction Sciences. It isou Vision that with the help of this conference we will be able to build sufficient grounds for fulfillment of most brilliant and far-reaching ideas in Interaction Sciences. Based on our previous experiences, we are sure that discussions fueled by this conference will enrich the participants with precious knowledge and experiences.

3. Our Mission and Aims

ICIS will trigger the scientific community to propose the topics that should be tackled from research perspective, and let the community explain how to best use their tools for practical and theoretical problems of Interaction Sciences. Many various contributions are foreseen from prospective authors. This includes use-cases of theoretical tools and methods to solve practical problems. Such contributions should be as usable as possible by practitioners in the related field. We also expect research results from practitioners that have identified a problem that may be solved by tools from network sciences. One of the missions of ICIS is to make the scientific community aware of the importance of the issues in Interaction Sciences and to suggest means by which the problem may be solved by the scientific community. The contributions should stimulate interaction between theoreticians and practitioners, and also have high potential impact in either field.

Our aim is to bring together and share brilliant and novel ideas, accumulated knowledge and unique experiences for mutual benefit of researchers and practitioners and explore possible directions for development of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research in the areas of Interaction Sciences.

Paper/ Presentation Types and Paper Format: here

Selected papers will be fast-track reviewed for special issues in some eminent international journals.

Copyright ICIS. All Rights Reserved, ICIS is a part of the CIT series.