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About AICIT Conferences

1. Peer Reviewed International Conferences
AICIT Conferences are peer reviewed international conferences by more than 400 scientific members from more than 50 countries. Please see the conference websites which you have interest in. You can find the review process and scientific members easily.

2. More than 400 Scientific Members from more than 50 countries
AICIT respects all researchers from scholars in the developing countries to scholars in the developed countries. You can find more than 400 scientific members from more than 50 countries as AICIT is unbiased organization. AICIT always welcome new scientific members from all over the world.

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   Important Dates

____1. Important Dates (Main Conference)
____Date of Main Conference: Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 2011
____Paper Submission: by September 28, 2011 (Final Extension)
____Paper Review: September 20 - Oct. 7, 2011
____Review Results(Acceptance/Reject) Notification: Sep. 25 - Oct. 8, 2011
____Registration/Final Camera-ready Submission: Sep. 25 - Oct. 28, 2011

____2. Important Dates (for Invited Sessions/ Workshops: To Organizers)
____Accepted Papers Notification to Main Conference: by September 25, 2011
____Accepted Papers Upload to Conference System: by September 30, 2011
____Registration/Final Camera-ready Submission: by October 28, 2011

  * Submitted papers will be assigned to 3 reviewers (2 Program Committee members and 1 invited reviewer) within 1-4 working day(s).
  * Please see the review process from the main menus.

Proceedings/ Special issues:
 * ICIPM2011 is sponsored by the IEEE, the IEEE Seoul section and the IEEE Korea Council.
 * The proceedings will be published by the IEEE and included to IEEE eXplore.
   (All papers of the AICIT Conferences are being uploaded to IEEE eXplore)
 * Papers published to the proceedings will also be included to eminent indexing databases such as EI(Compendex).
 * Selected Papers will be recommended and published to eminent international journals which indexed by SCI/EI/SCOPUS.

- Authors of distinguished selected papers will be invited in the special issues of the following international journals indexed by SCI(E)/EI
       - JCIT (EI, SCOPUS) (!
       - JDCTA (EI, SCOPUS) (!
       - AISS (EI, SCOPUS) (!
       - IJACT (EI, SCOPUS) (!
       - SCI indexed journals are to be added soon.

- List of Special Issues (2010)
       - Computers & Operations Research (SCI)
       - The Journal of Supercomputing (SCI)
       - Journal of Communications and Networks (JCN) (SCI)
       - IJITDM (International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making) (SCI)

1) Types of Paper

     Full & Regular papers will be published in IEEE proceedings(EI, IEEE eXplore (Digital library) indexed)
  • Full paper
  • -   Oral/Poster
    -   IEEE, Research papers
    -   6 pages (a maximum of 2 more pages are allowed with additional page charge)
  • Regular paper
  • -   Oral/Poster
    -   IEEE, Research papers
    -   4 pages, (a maximum of 2 more pages are allowed with additional charges)
  • Short report(paper)
  • -   Poster: Technical report/Case studies/Industrial Issues
    -   2-3 pages
    -   Short papers will be published in AICIT Conference proceedings (not by IEEE).
-   Please prepare your paper using the IEEE proceedings 2-column format.
-   All papers must be written in English.
-   Extra pages will incur additional charges.
-   Detailed information about the registration will be announced at the registration system and the registration form.
-   Paper Format: Papers submitted for review must be in the IEEE format
-   Please kindly follow the 'Formatting and Layout Instructions'
2) Presentation Type/ Material
  • Language: English
  • Full/ Regular paper: Oral/ Poster
  • Short report(paper): Poster
-   Oral: PPT File / Presentation for 10-15 minutes.
-   Poster: A4-size / 6-8 pages (PPT Style is recommended)

ICIPM2011: 7th International Conference on Advanced Information Management and Service

ICIPM - Introduction/Vision/Mission

1. Introduction to ICIPM conference

ICIPM, the International Conference on Advanced Information Management and Service, is a world-class conference, that welcomes fellow students, researchers, and practioners in the related fields. . The conference covers issues related to Theory, Development, Applications, and Evaluation of Advanced Information Management and Service .

Scope of ICIPM 2011: Research issues and Technical/ Industrial Application results on Advanced Information Management and Service. (For more details: see "Scope" menu,

- Recent Issues on Business System, Modeling and Architecture
- Knowledge Management and Secure Information Management
- Convergent Approaches on Advanced Information Management
- Media, Culture and Communications
- Evaluation, Trust and Computational Finace issues
- Social Issues on Advanced Information Management
- Management, Service and Business issues on Healthcare
- U-Service issues on Advanced Information Management

ICIPM2011 builds on the success of previous international conferences and workshops in the series of NMS (Networked Media and Services), HiNMS(High Performance NMS), ICCIT and NISS held in Singapore, Poland, China and Korea.

2. Objectives and Vision

Information Management and Services is gaining its momentum in the current view of high quality services available both commercially and scientifically. The consequences of these facts are new challenges to be met in order to provide even better, more intelligent services for the future. ICIPM provides fruitful grounds for fundamental advances and extraordinary opportunities to enable novel and future-oriented applications. ICIPM puts into its mission to the promotion of high level research efforts and novel applications through specialized conferences.

ICIPM puts its best effort to hold its status as a genuine high quality conference that welcomes scholars and researchers around the globe. We hope that ICIPM conference will inspire and motivate scholars to pursue further research for the dynamic development of Information Management and Service Sciences.

We also believe that Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research is the key to success and will lead to even more exciting developments.
Information Management and Services is a topic of a particular interest in the light of continuing trend towards expansion of information and knowledge related services. And it is a very important topic for novel and future oriented research. By organizing this conference we sincerely hope to support further development of research and technologies in the upper mentioned fields.

3. Mission and ICIPM

Our mission is to become a bridge among distinguished scholars, interested researchers and innovation-oriented business representatives. We welcome interested parties from all around the globe to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience and new ideas. We have a strong confidence that global nature of ICIPM, active involvement of most prominent speakers and delegates and innovative ideas will create a stimulating atmosphere for further active development of multidisciplinary and convergent research in the areas of Information Management and Service.

Our aims are to accumulate and share innovative ideas, precious knowledge and unique experiences for mutual benefit of researchers and business representatives.