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ICCM 2016
10th International Conference on Computing Technology and Information Management
July 5 - 7, 2016   Seoul, Korea

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ICCM2016: 10th International Conference on Computing Technology and Information Management

Introduction to ICCM

ICCM2016 stands for 10th International Conference on Computing Technology and Information Management. It is a premium international conference covers all areas related to the Theory, Development, Applications, Experiences and Evaluation of Networked/Ubiquitous Computing and gathers fellow students, researchers and practitioners in these fields from all around the world.

We especially encourage paper submissions from these categories of topics: Networked/Ubiquitous Computing and Advanced Information Management, Next Generation Information Technology, ranging from theories, algorithms, analysis, models, designs, applications to industry experiences. Topics include but not necessarily limited to the following areas:

1. Track NCM
• Research Issues and Technical/ Industrial Application Results on Networked Computing
• Research Issues and Technical/ Industrial Application Results on Advanced Information Management and Service
• Research Issues and Technical/ Industrial Application Results on Digital Content, Multimedia Technology and its Applications

2. Track ICNIT
• Research Issues and Technical/ Industrial Application Results in the various fields of Next Generation Information Technology

ICCM builds on the success of previous international conferences and workshops in this series (NMS: Networked Media and Services, HiNMS: High Performance NMS) held in Singapore, Poland, China, and Korea.

Objectives and Vision

In this decade, with advancements in data mining, many new models and tools in discovering knowledge and extracting intelligence brought forth revolutionary developments in information technology (IT) applications in business world as well as other industries. Some examples are intelligent agents, knowledge-driven trading systems, optimized scheduler for logistics, decision support systems, forecasting applications, and other emerging collective intelligence applications such as Web 2.0. Data mining can be viewed as the core underlying techniques that enable the IT applications with actionable intelligence and knowledge. While Data Mining evolves with innovative learning algorithms and knowledge discovery techniques, IT applications harness the results of data mining for becoming more intelligent than ever.

ICCM2016, which stands for Advancements in Computing Technology, is a platform for the two research directions to converge. It aims to provide an intellectual forum for researchers in academia, and practitioners and engineers from IT industries to present their latest research findings and to identify future challenges in this novel combination of research areas.

ICCM2016 serves as a convergent point for sparking new ideas and generating new synergies from experts of the two fields.

Our Mission and Aims

Our mission is to facilitate meetings of distinguished scholars and interested researchers from all around the world in order to exchange knowledge and experiences and present new ideas. We believe that global nature of our conference, active participation of most prominent speakers and delegates and cutting edge ideas will create a stimulating atmosphere for further active development of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research in the areas of Networked Computing.

We believe that developments in the fields of Network computing directly influences development of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research. Thus, by holding this conference, we see our mission in enabling further considerable advancements in the fields of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research.

Our aim is to gather and share innovative ideas, precious knowledge and unique experiences for mutual benefit of researchers and explore possible prospects for development of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research in the areas of Networked Computing.


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Seoul, Korea
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