Storage System Architecture for Data Centers of the Future
1Yong Khai Leong, 2Khin Mi Mi Aung, 3Pantelis Sophoclis Alexopoulos
1A*STAR, Data Storage Institute,
*2A*STAR, Data Storage Institute,
3A*STAR, Data Storage Institute, 

 Storage system architecture for data centers of future aims to address a few areas of critical importance to the design of storage systems for data centers of the future. With the massive amounts of digital information expected to be created in the near future, storage system technologies of today will face with the challenges of having to be able to scale to support billions of files and meeting the performance from increasing I/Os transaction due to the buildup of applications and virtual machines accessing larger amount of data. In addition, basic data management tasks such as the location and retrieval become increasingly complicated in such a huge search space. In the paper, we present various storage system challenges face by Data Centers of the future and to address those challenges, we propose a new storage system architecture with the emergence of next generation NVM technologies such as STT-MRAM and PCRAM for bridging the performance gap substantially and also overcoming the limitations of low write performance and wearing in current Flash technology. To enable the successful deployment of NVM into data centers, technologies to integrate and adopt NVM into the storage network architecture are addressed.

 Future Data Center Technologies, Next Generation Non Volatile Memory, Hybrid Drive

Yong Khai Leong, Khin Mi Mi Aung, Pantelis Sophoclis Alexopoulos, "Storage System Architecture for Data Centers of the Future", IJACT: International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology, Vol. 4, No. 9, pp. 184 ~ 192, 2012