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President's Message

Franz I. S. Ko, Ph.D.

- President, Advanced Institute of Convergence Information Technology (AICIT)
- Honorary General Director, IBC, Cambridge, England (Great Britain)
- Vice President, The World Congress of Arts, Sciences and Communications, Cambridge, England (Great Britain)
- Vice Chair, China-Korea IT and NT Association


I welcome you all to Advanced Institute of Convergence Information Technology (AICIT). With established competitive research capacity, a dynamic tradition of learning, and a pleasant environment, our institution actively participates in the development of convergence information technologies and offers top-notch academic space for the world's technological perspective. AICIT, despite its comparatively young history and tradition, is one of the country's renowned private research institutions.

Since its founding in 2005 as an Advanced Institute of Convergence Information Technology, it has enjoyed the most rapid development in the research areas of information technology convergence and hybrid systems, taking full advantage of its vantage reputation gained in many international conferences like ICCIT, ICIS, NCM, NISS, and etc.
Staffed with excellent full-time researchers and equipped with premium technological facilities, our institution has produced highly-rated research results which have emerged as new technological leap in respective fields. In line with AICIT's pioneering spirit, our research team has introduced innovative technological approaches and outstanding research papers, in-depth academic quests, and a pleasant working environment, making it the 21st century's future-oriented research institution.

Amid the various changes brought about by globalization, advancements in information technology, and the special challenges of our country's open-door policy, we at the AICIT concentrate on making our researchers become fully competent in their respective fields, helping them gain practical knowledge and a cosmopolitan outlook to enable them become effective in their research perspectives in the real world. In addition, the institution’s progressive research capability inculcates in our fresh ideas the confidence to face and even challenge the future. On the occasion of these achievements, the AICIT has formulated new visions to meet the demands of the times. With its medium- and long-term plans and strategies, and with the determined support of the management, researchers, and full-time members, AICIT's future is very bright.

Again, I welcome all of you to AICIT. Thank you for your support, affection, and encouragement.

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